In the old days, lawyers scribbled in red pen or dictated and typists typed.

A lot of law firms still work that way. Just – not us.

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We all have a lot to read these days.

So we try to make our documents shorter and easier to understand by cutting out old-fashioned, opaque legal jargon.

We don’t think there’s any need for it – and our clients find our rejection of 19th century language refreshing!

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Lawyers have a terrible reputation for saying “but on the other hand…”

In our opinion, that’s not good enough. It’s confusing, and it leaves clients feeling like they’re doing all the work.

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Freedman + Hilmi operates on a different basis to most other law firms.

For a start, we favour fixed or capped fees over hourly rates. That’s because we know that cashflow and budgeting are vitally important to businesses.

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